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Branded Sportswear

Together we grow stronger

Are you considering developing a sports line for your company or organisation or is it a great tender you’re after? We are happy to assist you. Our expertise will put you one-nil ahead! 

We believe in sustainable collaboration. Together with our designers we assist you from the development phase to the end result. You give the go ahead and we will take care of the rest, such as smooth implementation, a high quality product and timely delivery. Do you want to stay involved as much as possible or do you want to be completely unburdened during the process? We simply tailor our work process to your personal wishes.

In addition, we proactively think along about stock management and we provide you with  advice and guidance regarding the administration process, if desired. This way you always have a detailed overview, possess the correct items and never run out of stock.

Basic Fit

Be inspired to take the first step.

With our sports bag as back support.

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Logo Randstad

Adventure start outside your comfort zone. 

Be in comfortabel sportswear!

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Logo Defensie

They are committed to our peace, safety and security. 

NOOR provides their complete range of sports equipment.

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