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Adventure starts outside your comfort zone

Randstad knows how important exercise is. Movement provides new energy as well as inspiration and motivation to change and grow. This is where Randstad and NOOR found each other. Randstad gets people moving, NOOR provides the perfect outfit to keep them going.

Whether it’s running clothes or cycling jerseys, we supply the required sports clothing worldwide for both the participants and crew of sports activities organized and sponsored by Randstad. 


At some point, we noticed an increasing demand from our athletes to wear a sponsored shirt. Proud to compete wearing the company logo. We then decided to equip everyone with good quality clothing with the right brand image, for running, cycling, hockey, tennis and football. NOOR Sportswear was exactly the match we were looking for. Their consistent looking top quality gear can be ordered in all 39 countries in which we are situated. Thank you NOOR for the great collaboration!

Wim Vos
Global Design Manager Randstad

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