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Use the best to be the best

Use the best to be the best. The motto of sports icon Jamie Dwyer, who has been named the world's best hockey player five times, is an example for many athletes.

Jamie himself couldn't be more clear about his goals. "As a player I always wanted to get the best out of my game. I now want the same for my brand.”

NOOR translates his energy, perseverance and inspiring personality into strong and great looking sportswear for his hockey line Jamie Dwyer Hockey. Top quality hockey clothing with a powerful design.


RHV Leonidas, one of the largest hockey clubs in the Netherlands, has found in NOOR an amazing and solid partner in every possible way. NOOR has a perfect eye for detail, coupled with the ability to handle the size of our club well. The litmus test: in the two weeks before the start of the season, all 2300 competition members were fitted with our new uniform.

Robbert Wever
Chairman RHV Leonidas
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